New York trained chef and Pizzaiolo George Goodman settles in Cleveland

The chef and his family moved to Cleveland in 2009.

Leaving his clients and New York city behind, George and his Family established their home in Cleveland, Ohio.

For over 12 years, George was working in kitchens not as chef but as remodeling contractor, when finally his culinary passion took over and he was determined to regain his profession as a chef.

Convinced he had something unparalleled and authentic to offer, it so happened that he built a wood-fired oven and installed it on a trailer for maximum mobility. The life as passionate, dedicated, and restless Pizzaiolo was about to begin. After one year of entertaining family and friends, George and his family started getting calls to cater parties and events and the family earned a reputation of making the "best pies in town!".


Propelled by these early successes, with relentless focus on quality and continuous commitment to delivering something unique, the family opened INFORNO, the Neapolitan Pizza Studio in Avon Ohio.